Is ”Vibram Onefinger” finally here?

A little early to say, but it seems possible, or even likely, that if you have always loved Vibram Fivefingers, you will love Feelmax Osma too.

So far I have done two test runs with Feelmax on one foot and Fivefingers on the other one. My first impression is that these two shoes are equally fun to run with. The ground sensation is a little bit different between the shoes, but the difference is very slight.

Vibram Fivefingers (Kso) on the left side and Feelmax Osma (new model 2012) on the left foot...

I’ll write a more complete review as soon as I have run a couple of hundred test kilometers* with Osmas.

*) A couple of 62.13712 miles for all you not using SI-standards…

Short checklist for Feelmax Osma:
-Minimal / minimalist / barefoot shoes? Definitely.
-Zero drop? Yes.
-Shock absorbance? No (or yes, but it is within your feet…)
-Thickness of the outsole? 2.5 mm (it really is thick by Feelmax standards, the outsole of some other models is 1.3 mm…)

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2 vastausta to “Onefinger”

  1. Chris Says:

    I’ll see if I can find the new Feelmax in the USA.

  2. nopoles Says:

    This page at least advertises ”now in stock in the USA”:


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